Portfolio Categories- Steve Brown

Ranking from strongest to weakest:

  1. Voice
  2. Idea/Concept
  3. Prose
  4. Composition/Environment

Ideally I hope that Voice and Concept will work together in a complimentary way in my portfolio. Being that my repurposing and remediation are highly personal, I think this makes the most sense. My voice will hopefully be visible in my repurposing, and I hope that readers will appreciate my idea to write a letter to myself three years from my leukemia diagnosis. For my remediation, my voice will not be present, but I will be incorporating my mom’s voice from her blog posts on CaringBridge to give context to the visual timeline I have created. Again, I hope that readers are able to locate the significance rooted in this decision.

My anxieties for my portfolio are incorporating my “Why I Write” piece into the portfolio. I think my repurposing and remediation complement each other well, but my WIW piece does not fit with the others. Additionally, I am concerned that the composition of the website may detract from my repurposing and remediation. I do not have a great eye for design so I am trying to keep the website as simple as possible to highlight my two main pieces.

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