Regarding a number of the animals I have met or thought of

I had a dream last night about a moose
except it was maybe a dinosaur
and we were supposed to save it (I think)
but it died and I’m not sure
what that says about
my psyche.


I pride myself on being able to identify dog breeds on the street —
once I couldn’t sleep so
I took a dog breed identifier quiz
at 2:30 am
and I got 20/20.


My dog’s name was Bella,
we had her for 13 years.


My friends used to tell me I looked like a chipmunk
but I think I
grew out of the baby face
a little.


I think if I were an animal I would be an alpaca.


This summer I was extending my hand
to a duck to try and win its trust
when it bit me —
or at least when after my shiny ring.

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