There’s Always Something to Do

To the future MiW gateway students,

When I first walked into my first Writing 220 gateway class, I saw the small table with 14 chairs and immediately became nervous. I didn’t consider myself to be a great writer and felt like I wouldn’t be able to keep up with the great, successful writers about to walk into the class. I just simply knew that I liked to write. So first piece of advice: don’t feel intimidated. Chances are, your cohort is in the same boat and has no idea what to expect. Everyone writes differently, everyone has their own tone, and everyone has their own interests that inspire them to write. There is no wrong way to complete or write in the class. As most classes are structured with exams or rubrics, we always had the freedom to practically create whatever writing we wanted within three guidelines: why you write, repurposing any piece, and remediating the repurposed project. Don’t be afraid to branch out, using different platforms like Wix, The Odyssey, The Atlantic, or others to ground your work in. Figure our your audience and simply write away. Write as much as you can, even the unnecessary, drawn-out details. You can go back later and revise as needed, but getting out all the information and analysis as you can will be a great starting point.

Although my advice for you could continue on for pages, there is one key aspect that is important to keep in mind throughout this gateway class: there is always something to do. If you think you’re done, you’re probably not. There is always revising to be done, more eyes to critique your work, and most importantly, a more effective way to present your argument. Also, never procrastinate until the last minute because I guarantee you that forming a successful ePortfolio or remediated project will not create itself within the late night before it’s due. Go with your gut, pace yourself, create personal timelines to efficiently complete your writing, and continue to push. You’d be surprised how much work you can pack into this 3-credit class and time will fly by doing so. In fact, you might even find yourself frustrated for being unable to have the time to go back after turning in your work to continue making it better. But no matter what, continue to work and have faith in what you produce. You’ll learn a lot about how to write along the way, but more importantly, you will learn more about yourself and your ability to analyze further and better than at the start of the class.

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