To the Future Gateway Students

To the future gateway students:

This class is going to be fun. And challenging. There is a lot of freedom to be creative and to pursue your own ideas. With this comes a lot of responsibility. Deadlines are going to be a little more casual, so it’s on you to keep up with your work. It also might be easy to follow an idea that feels safe and easy. While this might help you get done faster, I think this class offers a fantastic opportunity to take some risks and see what you’re really capable of when given free reign to chase something that interests you.

My cohort made a groupme, which was super fun. This is a small class — you’ll see these same people for 3 hours a week, and you’ll share some pretty personal stuff with them in workshop. You might be lucky enough to be in classes together later. It’s a good opportunity to make friends. The better the environment, the more comfortable it is to be a little “out there” with your ideas.

Don’t fall behind on your projects or your ePortfolio. And definitely check out the ePortfolios your peers are making; people do really cool things, and it’s amazing to see how different people take on the same assignment. Your professor is a great resource. Whoever you get, they’ll be intelligent and engaged, and they will really, truly care about you as a student. Take advantage of that, because they rock.

I think this is a pretty common theme, but there’s a lot of opportunity in this class to challenge yourself, take risks, and break out of your comfort zone. It’s tough to do, but it’s worth it.

Good luck.

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