Voila! A Portfolio is Born

Everything we have done this semester has finally come down to this: a unique place to showcase our work.

🌸✨ Here! ✨🌸

Bear 🐻 with me, as my portfolio is still quite the work in progress! I have been focused more so on the final layout and arrangement of all the elements, and once those are finalized, all the content can be added right in place. More links to various past work of mine are also still to come!


My capstone project was an investigation into the new trend of veganism, and how it has been able to gain so much traction so fast. It is in the form of a short video meant to be lighthearted and funny, while also being informational. The last few edits are still being made, so I have the “trailer” up on my page for those who are curious. So far it has come together better than I have expected.

I would like my portfolio to embody a “green”🌿 theme, and have coordinated the color schemes and background designs to emphasis this. It is also my favorite color.

It’s hard to believe that this is the end. Seeing how everyone’s project turned out will be very exciting!


Rachel Hutchings

Los Angeles born, Ann Arbor raised. I'm a film student at the University of Michigan and an ardent music junkie on the side. I'm sure you'll catch me at local gigs around town.

3 thoughts to “Voila! A Portfolio is Born”

  1. I’m excited to see your video, Rachel! I like how you are using humor to educate others about the vegan trend. It’s also cool to see how you have integrated what you have learned in your major with your capstone work.

  2. From only seeing a short clip from your video, I already know it is going to be amazing. I really like that you found a way to work your major into this project and that you made the project about something personal and important to you!

  3. Hi Rachel,

    Congratulations for completing your Capstone project! I love how you express the importance of Vegan eating in a casual manner. I love it!

    It has been a pleasure working with you this semester. Please reach out to me anytime. I look forward from speaking to you after graduation.



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