Welcome to My Portfolio!

Hey guys!! This is very exciting for me, and all of us, I’m sure because of all the hard work that has gone in to our projects and portfolios. Basically, as I explained in my presentation, my capstone project is a combination of two things that I am passionate about: social justice and witty prose.

I decided to create an ad campaign for a hot new beauty brand, Glossier that revolves around a coalition between the brand and Planned Parenthood. I set up my portfolio primarily in the aesthetic of Glossier, featuring a detailed description of the campaign and my decisions behind the ads and social posts. I then have my page with all of my mockups, and my magazine article which is the main piece of writing in my project, and also have a page that includes published clips, and a link to my writers evolution essay to explain my professional development, and then a page for anyone to contact me if they are interested in my writing!

I hope you guys like it!! WOW IM GRADUATING IN LIKE 5 SECONDS!!



Sophie Burton

Sophomore in LSA, from Minnesota. I love yoga and sea salt truffles.

2 thoughts to “Welcome to My Portfolio!”

  1. Wow, Sophie! Your capstone project is phenomenal. After hearing about your goals for the final project, I hope you’re happy with how it turned out. You clearly put a ton of work into it, and your new photoshop skills definitely show through. I hope that you’re considering sharing this with the people at Glossier, because I think it is something they’d definitely be interested in doing.

  2. Hey Sophie,

    Capstone looks great, its clear that you loved being able to bring your two passions together into a single project. Your passion gives the portfolio a very sound sense of purpose. Nice work and can’t wait to see the final product!

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