Who can you trust? Definitely not me

How would my portfolio be different if I had chosen a different piece to repurpose?

Thinking back to the start of the semester, I remember the struggles I went through to choose a paper to repurpose. I considered a couple of papers from my English 125 First-Year Writing course and the papers I wrote in my English 225 Argumentative Writing class. I ultimately chose the final paper I write for English 125 which was centered around the topic of Empathy. I am confident that my portfolio, would not have been drastically different from what it is right now had I chosen a different paper to repurpose. When I chose the paper, it set the grounds for a collection of works that all had some ties to empathy. My Repurposing and Remediation show this relationship more explicitly than my Why I Write, but my Why I Write still has the underlying connection to empathy.

If I had gone a different direction with the paper, I still believe that the portfolio would be related to empathy and connecting with others. I strive to be as empathetic and caring as I possibly can be, and this shows as much of my writing, even before this portfolio, are closely related to empathy.


Claims that I think are true (persistent, consistent) – would be true regardless of what else is going on in the portfolio

  • I feel that all the claims I make would have been made regardless of the rest of the portfolio
    • I wrote this essay largely independent of what I did with the other projects.

Claims that I was prompted to make because of the rest of my portfolio

  • I do not feel that any claims I made were made just for the sake of consistency with the rest of the portfolio
    • This might prove to be a bad thing if the Why I Write essay seems out of place when juxtaposed with the whole portfolio.


How much do I trust myself in my assessment of why I write?

I feel that what I wrote is true as I do write for these reasons, but this paper does not feel like it is totally trustworthy and true to who I am. This largely is due to some internal conflict regarding my own view of myself. I feel that I am not actually a writer.

I am a person that possesses many abilities. I like to believe that I am a good volleyball player, but I would only claim that I am a volleyball player in a volleyball setting. I play volleyball to get better and to showcase my talents, which I find to be fun and is ultimately why I play.

I hope that in the future I will be a great Athletic Trainer, but that will only be true if I possess the skills to be one. I plan on pursuing a career as an Athletic Trainer, and if someone pays me to be an Athletic Trainer, then I would feel comfortable calling myself an Athletic Trainer.

When it comes to writing, I do not feel like I can claim I am a writer. I do think that I have some writing skills, and when I write I get to showcase these skills. This product that I can showcase is a big reason of why I write.

I do not discuss this logic at all in my paper, so I guess it turns out I am very untrustworthy.

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