Who Can You Trust? Me…I hope.

Would my portfolio be different? 

My repurpose is the reason my portfolio is the way it is, in my opinion. If I wouldn’t have chosen to repurpose an academic piece that has underlying notions of feminism, I don’t think my portfolio would have dragged out a personality trait in me that I’ve been trying to express in my writing for a long time. I am opinionated, as it comes off in my repurpose, and I definitely think I have a lot to say; and, I think that stems from the personality traits that come out in my Why I Write, For me, it’s interesting to see how my repurpose had the ability to mold my portfolio into the way that it is.

If I had not chosen to repurpose my communications paper, I would have repurposed a piece on The Odyssey, specifically on the character of Andromache. Andromache, for those who do not know, is the wife of Hector, who gets killed during the epic. I wrote a piece on her dependency on her husband and how society molded this dependency. Thus, I think my portfolio would have been much more professional, academically- driven. I had planned to repurpose my piece by writing a certain commentary on society and how it affects literature, and I think that would have driven my whole portfolio in a professional manner rather than a very personal piece.

How much do you trust yourself in your assessment of why you write? 

I, personally, trust myself a pretty good amount in my assessment of why I write. I know for a fact that I don’t write because I think I’m the world’s greatest gift to literature- that’s just not true. I know that I write solely for me and how it makes me feel, and I think that comes off directly in my why I write piece. I think it’s really interesting because my Why I Write actually pulled out personality traits in me that I always knew I had, but I never had the courage to admit. I think it’s really powerful that this was able to come about just by contemplating writing in general. So, I trust myself, but I hope my audience does, as well.

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