Who Can You Trust? Me…Maybe.

My choice to repurpose my open letter to Jessica Valenti made the tone of my portfolio very conversational and almost lighthearted. Because the topic was intense, and I did not want to be overbearing in my claims, I took on a joyful and casual tone. I also did this because I thought it was a good way to present an important message without scaring people off. This resulted in a bio and remediation full of positive language. The colors I chose are tranquil but also non-standard.

If I had repurposed a piece I wrote for my political science class about the coexistence of liberty and equality, the portfolio would have taken a much more serious and “standard” approach. The portfolio would have used a more basic color scheme with gray and a subtle blue. I would have made the portfolio more professional and used it as a tool for self-promotion. Rather than being used as the “creative space” I claim it to be now, it would have been a place for me to put my purely academic writing. I would be wary of putting anything in the portfolio that I wouldn’t want to discuss with an employer. However, I’m not convinced that my voice or tone would have changed a ton.

How much do I trust myself in my assessment of why I write?

I’m up in the air with this one, guys.

My initial reaction was that I trust myself a lot because I genuinely believe all the things I said in my piece. I was thinking to myself about the accuracy of all the discoveries I made about myself while writing the piece.  I think a ton; I have a horrible memory. This makes coming up with nuanced thoughts by the synthesis of ideas complicated. If I don’t record things, I will never remember them or be able to keep track of them. I want to keep track of them because I get very excited when I feel like I’ve learned something new about the way the world works. However, I am also somewhat skeptical because I’m sure that there are other reasons that I did not think about because I feel that analyses of our beings are difficult. Can you ever really know yourself or anyone well enough to predict what your actions would be if the scenario you’re trying to speculate about never comes to fruition? I don’t know that you can. So I suppose what I’m saying is that I still think I would have the ideas that I do, but I may have come across a few different discoveries about why I write had I chosen something else to repurpose.


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