Who Can You Trust? Probably Me

What if things were different?

I can’t help but think how different my portfolio would have been had I chosen to focus it on water sustainability instead of mental health, thoughts and emotions. We would have seen major differences in portfolio voice/tone and display/composition. Currently, my portfolio has a simplistic, adventurous and elegant composition. I also have presented a couple additional works about California, water and drought. But what if water was instead the primary theme or essence of my portfolio?

Initially I had planned to repurpose my commentary about the California Water Crisis (Presented at the very bottom of my portfolio). I wanted to extend it, add more of a story to it, and give it life beyond a 500-600 word count limit. First of all, I don’t think it would have been as fun or compelling to write (or read, for that matter). I think I would have just sounded like another sustainability hippie, blogging concerns online. In that sense, it would have been inauthentic — although I enjoyed researching and writing about water and drought as a topic, it’s not something I’m super passionate or concerned about like mental health, for example. But also, the portfolio would be a little brighter — different colors, photos and a focus on water. Personally, not as interesting. I’m glad things played out the way they did, and I was still able to incorporate some of the water pieces on my portfolio at the end.

You can trust me.

I trust my why I write assessment, but a huge part of that was thanks to the feedback I received from Casey, Ethan and Ray. I started out with a specific structure in my first draft, but I didn’t dig into it because I wanted feedback first. Then I got some direction and recommendation to include deep and specific anecdotes, so that’s exactly what I did. I’d say initially I wouldn’t have trusted my assessment of my why I write from the beginning, but now I’ve got my head on straight. I trusted myself more in the writing the second draft, and I’m ready to add just a little bit more and finish my final draft up. My trust in my assessment is a major testament to the collaborative aspect of this class. Couldn’t have gotten here without some insight.

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