Writing Categories: Josh Flink

Ranking from strongest to weakest:

  1. Voice
  2. Prose
  3. Idea/Concept
  4. Composition/environment

I’m confident and happy that my strongest aspect is my voice. I think that in my portfolio, because it is so personal, the voice has to be strong. While my “Why I write” has different content than my repurposing, I am working on maintaining a consistent voice. I think that my process notes will help bridge the voices together, conveying to the viewer what my voice is like when I’m not writing a piece. I placed composition and environment at the bottom because it is the least developed of them all. I still need to do a lot of work on the site itself, which will help the prose and the voice be more developed. In terms of prose, I still have editing to do and changes to make on all of my pieces, but I think they are all in good places. I think the prose is pretty consistent with the voice for my repurposing, but I’m worried that I cant say the same for the “Why I write.” The main thing that will make my prose clearer is time. With time, as the remediation comes into place and the environment of the portfolio strengths, so will the prose and the voice.


So yes, each element depends on another, which puts some pressure on me to get the site together. I suppose the main stressor right now is the process notes. I have rough drafts of them, but once I feel solid about them, I feel like they will act as the glue to the entire portfolio. I suppose I’m worried about the voice not being consistent. Because my “Why I write” is a more serious piece, how do I maintain a consistent voice throughout the process notes, which will be lighter? Do I need to change the tone of my “Why I write?” I suppose, in my process notes, I need to find a balance between a more serious tone and lighter tone. Perhaps that just sounds easier said then done.


Thanks for listening.

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