Author/Venue Tracking

I too looked into The New Yorker because it is both the only periodical I’ve been following and a reputable source for such type of writing I’m trying to learn more of. In an issue I read lately, there was an article that addressed the refugee crisis in the Mediterranean and human smuggling problems in Sicily. This article redefined the boundaries of my perception of journalism. Whereas I’d always considered it a type of fast-paced writing that seeks to be rather cold and objective, this article illustrated a vivid narrative that, to me in particular, challenged the arbitrary labels of fiction and nonfiction that constitute the very first dividing line that classifies all writing into categories that dictate how we perceive the work. It’s written by a journalist named Ben Taub, who seems to be involved often on the spot gathering information for his writing through firsthand interactions. His way of exploring the reality of fellow humans in other parts of the world through real communication looked like a very exciting creative process. He received degrees in philosophy and journalism with specialization on politics, and has been awarded grants and prizes from the Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting, the Livingston Award for International Reporting etc. He became an official New Yorker staff writer early on this year.

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