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Hello everyone! I’m Meghan Brody, but please call me Meggie. I am a sophomore history major and I am studying to be a librarian. My favorite things to do are journal my angst, hang out in libraries, read old books, and take pointless walks. I am excited to begin the minor and look forward to reading all of the wonderful work on the blog!

I decided to pursue a minor in writing because I was torn between being an English or history major (I ultimately chose history for two reasons, the first being the fact that I enjoyed the kind of research that goes into historical work, and the second being this quote from “Catcher in the Rye”), and once I declared a history major, I thought a minor in writing would be the perfect supplement to round out my love of history and my love of writing.

In my time with the program, I hope to hone in on my unique writing style so I am the kind of writer whose voice sticks with their readers. I also would like to become better at the writing process, which is usually a stressful and disorganized mess (for me). While most careers value strong writing skills, I also want to improve as a writer because I truly do enjoy writing and never want to become a passive or complacent writer.

The kind of writing that I enjoy and would like to emulateĀ is usually found in one of my favorite genres of writing: editorials. The best opinion pieces, I believe, have the voice of the writer come right through the work, and that voice is informal and holds conviction, even in a serious piece. Perhaps the word “conviction” is redundant to include in relation to an editorial, but nonetheless, when I do find pieces like that, they are always compelling in a way that other work is not to me. Overall, the work I would like to emulate has the writer’s strong presence and voice.

Thank you for reading!

Meghan Brody

Meghan Brody. B.A. History & Writing. LSA Senior. Aspiring librarian.

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