Tolentino and Small Staid

Jia Tolentino’s article for the New Yorker, “Mike Pence’s Marriage and the Beliefs That Keep Women From Power”, is an interesting critique on the way that Pence views women. The quote that caught my eye immediately was, “if he eats alone with a woman, that woman is Karen Pence.” She analyzes the fact that the Vice President of the United States uses his Evangelical Christian values as an excuse for seeing women only as a distraction or vice, rather than an equal. The most interesting aspect of this article is the fact that Tolentino was raised Southern Baptist, which is a point of view that is not assumed to be liberal. As far as intended audience, it is definitely not limited to left-leaning Southern Baptists, but moreso anyone who is reached by the New Yorker, which is a much larger audience. This is generally a more liberal audience, so readers may be more willing to read a piece criticizing a politician than people who support the current cabinet. I am definitely within the intended audience; I love to read about the implications of politicians’ lifestyle so if someone shared this article on Facebook, I would at least skim through it.

The article I read by Mairead Small Staid is entitled “Girl in a Country Song,” referencing the country song that the piece is based on. It starts as a review of a popular song but then turns into an analysis on the gender inequalities of country music. The most specific audience would be feminists who listen to country music, which is way too narrow for someone to actually publish. Because of this, I would guess that the intended audience is more open to anyone interested in the topics of music and social commentary. I think that I am within the intended audience, but closer to the outskirts because I am generally not likely to click on an article about country music if there is no indication of social commentary.


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