Tolentino & Small Staid samples

Jia Tolentino

-I read her review of the album White Men are Black Men Too by Young Fathers on Pitchfork (April 9 2015.) I remembered having read this exact review before, and it was surprising to find out that it was written by one of the two UM graduates I was to study for this class. The ideal audience for this piece would be someone who goes out of his/her way to explore critical analysis of popular music from established voices, rather than be content with his/her individual opinion on the music. Also, throughout the review, she references several other musicians in order to help the reader get the gist of what this album sounds like, which implies that the intended reader is somewhat knowledgeable about the types of popular music mentioned. I like to think about popular music analytically and thus probably fall under the category of intended audience, although I wasn’t able to understand all of her references.


Mairead Small Staid

-I read her poem Pentimenti featured as “Poem of the Week, 2014-15” on Narrative magazine. It was my first time encountering this website, which seems to primarily consist of entries of creative writing. The ideal audience would treat reading literature as an enriching experience and an enjoyment outside of academic obligations. Even though I consider myself interested in literature, I was not informed enough to have been included in the real audience group of this work, because I got to know the source of its publication only after I was assigned to do so.


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  1. Hello, I definitely agree with your point about Small Staid, that her “Pentimenti” poem was for a very specific audience. I read that poem and, while I love poetry, most of the religious references went right over my head. A poetry reader with knowledge of Italy and the religious significance of the sights there is a very specific group and one I did not fit into either.

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