Drumroll Please…

    After all of the discussions about blogs, and blogs about blogs, and essays about blogs I have decided to write… (drumroll please…) a blog!

    My blog post will be about how hegemonic masculinity infiltrates our society and impacts individuals of all genders, races and ages. The blogging genre affords the chance to be very personal about my own opinions, so I plan on expressing my thoughts on this subject very frankly with readers. The original essay had a purely academic tone, and I did not have a chance to add an emotional appeal. In this blog post, I plan on discussing how this issue personally affects me in everyday life, which is very emotional and I hope readers will relate or understand the struggles of being a woman in today’s society.  Additionally, the blog genre allows me to bounce off of other feminist bloggers who discuss similar subjects such as Feministing. I will use other blog posts as inspiration for how I set the tone of the piece. As Andrew Sullivan wrote in his piece, “Why I Blog” (which, ironically, is not a blog post), “A successful blog therefore has to balance itself between a writer’s own take on the world and others”. By incorporating concepts I learn from other blogs into my own, I will also be able to make more informed and effective remarks.


    Although we have gone over a few conventions of blogging already, here are some more guidelines I am going to (attempt) to stick to:

  • Using plain language. Nothing too fancy, but an “approachable” tone a la Amy Devitt’s Genre Colored Glasses. I was relaxed by her comfortable voice, especially in comparison to her excerpt from A Theory of Genre
  • Having a conversational tone – inviting readers to join the conversation, weigh in their inputs and challenge mine. I would hope readers contribute to the conversation in order to spread the message
    • Going off of this point, knowing who the conversation is with. For this blog post, my audience will most likely be other feminist bloggers as well as my fellow MiW friends 🙂
  • Breaking up the format (no walls of text- Thanks for this tip Vivek!). Personally I struggle with finding pictures or other non text visuals that are meaningful yet relatable to the content. Bear with me as I search the internet to find the perfect meme
  • Have a point. People read blogs to be entertained, and to be informed. I need to captivate my audience and give them a purpose to read (and share) my blog


     The blogosphere is an unfamiliar and overwhelming realm I am about to delve into… and it looks like I have my work cut out for me!


One thought to “Drumroll Please…”

  1. After speaking with you about how your first experiment did not let you convey the message you were hoping to send, I believe that a blog post is more fitting for your rhetorical goals. It will give you the freedom to let your own voice be heard in your writing without any distraction of complying to the conventions of some genre. Rather than submerging your meaning under layers of characterization and metaphors in a short story, you can simply state what you are trying to say directly to your audience. This genre will give you the chance to write all that you were hoping to say which will allow you to choose more fitting experiments in the future.

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