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This week, I decided to choose a theme/specific area and research articles about it. I chose Mental Health and I found an interesting article by Maria Bamford in The New York Times. In this article, she explores battling mental health through finding love on the basis of someone loving her for “her” and not for anything else. She describes her state of mind and feelings over a period of one and a half years, and described how she wanted to feel “loved” and “wanted,” relating how she could feel special if her illnesses got better and improved. She describes her experience at a ward of how there was a couple with so many problems and difficulties, yet they felt loved and belonged. She wanted to experience a change in her life by meeting someone who could relate to her through little things such as reading, romantic hang-outs etc. She indeed meet someone that helped her slowly recover and find herself in a happy place.

Overall, I feel that this article clearly articulates her personal feelings when dealing with mental health illnesses and is effective in conveying her thoughts wittingly and humorously through her choice of vocabulary. I really liked the format of her piece since she started off with a description of herself, followed by an anecdote and closed it with finding love and happiness.

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