Following the Work of a Writer: Pivoting to Modern Day

The original writer that I chose to follow, Joan Didion, was an interesting choice but it has proven difficult to track her progress as a writer. For this reason, I am pivoting towards a writer that I have selected from The New Yorker: Vinson Cunningham. He is a relatively new staff writer at The New Yorker, having joined in 2016. He focuses primarily on books, art, and culture, which differs from my typical reading selection that consists of news and politics. However, with a background working in the Obama White House, Vinson brings interesting viewpoint to these topics.

His personal website contains samples of his writing, which has been published beyond The New Yorker and in The New York Times Magazine, Vulture, and the Awl. The content of his work is unconventional. His most recent piece in The New Yorker focuses on the role of fashion in the NBA, specifically focusing on OKC’s Russell Westbrook and his use of pre-game outfits as a platform for expression. Needless to say, I am looking forward to better understanding Vinson’s writing style and expertise.



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