How Is November in Two Days……….

So, as I’m sure many of us are feeling at right about this time, I am overwhelmed. But, I do have to say it’s the kind of overwhelmed you feel when you have so much good work to do so you’re excited to proceed with it so you can have a great outcome, but you also know there’s just SO much to do. I have really progressed on my project so far (at least the planning and the pre-writing portion of it).

I have made a timeline I think (and hope) works for my schedule the rest of the semester and the load of work required for it. I have officially decided on 4 parts to my project: the “recovery narrative” essay, the poem, the choreography, and the video, all of which will be stored and displayed on a project site. I want this to be a transformative writing experience for me, so I look forward to really diving into the writing here soon. I have solidified a mentor for my narrative piece as well as my choreography, just to pick their brains and have them workshop both of those pieces before they are deemed complete. I have reached out to a few poetry mentors but have yet to have one respond. I meet with my narrative mentor with a solid draft this Thursday and I hope that he will be helpful in providing rich feedback in order to make this sort of story telling portion powerful for my project.

A challenge I have had is really finding a solid chunk of time to just sit down and write. I’m not sure it’s really a motivation issue at this point, I am excited to tell my story but for some reason should receive a gold star for procrastination right now. I can’t tell if I’m nervous or scared to write about the accident, but I know I need to, so I really do sort of need to give myself a kick in the ass. I have about a paragraph of it, mostly directly reflective of my original piece from the summer, so really I haven’t gotten a lot done in the actually writing portion of the project. Since I do have that meeting this week and would be embarrassed if my work was atrocious, I am going to make a time for myself to sit down and really write this week. I want to read a few recovery narrative pieces to gain inspiration and have models to look toward, but I also want to get started on my poem as well. I saw a video on Facebook recently that was a man really powerfully speaking this poem about racism and how it has progressed through today’s society. I found it so cool how he was talking about such a tragic thing but with such power in his voice. I want to make my poem just like that, so I better get started now. Another thing I’d like to just start on is my project site. I know that I could probably wait until the week it is due to really get anything done, but when is the right time to break your bad academic habits? Halfway through your senior year?

I’m extremely looking forward to where this project takes me as well as where everyone else’s project takes them!

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  1. Nikki,
    It sounds like you at a great point in your capstone project, but maybe feel a little stalled. I have experienced a similar issue of procrastinating the actual writing, and I thought it was interesting the way you discuss why that may be (nervousness? fear?). It sometimes helps me to just write stuff down, knowing that it won’t be my finest quality work, and knowing it won’t be exactly what I turn in. Doing this may help dispel some of the pressure associated with undertaking such an important and deeply personal project such as yours.
    I like how you brought up the speech you came across on Facebook because to me, it ties in with the spirit of your project which I think is something about perseverance and grit in the face of hardship and challenges. It’s a heavy topic for sure, made all the more meaningful because it is your method of healing too. Have you thought about including this idea of trepidation to your introduction essay? Perhaps it could show a different side of bravery, and the roadblocks that may occur during recovery. I think the reason you may have for procrastinating the writing will be key to determining how to incorporate it in your introduction essay if you choose to. I am really excited to see how your project progresses!


  2. Nikki—
    I am having trouble wrapping my ahead around the fact that it is already November as well! How did that happen!? After reading your post, I am very glad to know I have someone to relate to and that I am not the only one who struggles with procrastination. I think there is something about having too much time to complete something that causes me to push things off. But having goals like you mentioned finishing a portion of your writing before meeting with your mentor are very helpful. One strategy I’ve been using that might be helpful to you as well is setting deadlines for myself to complete something by a certain time so that I do not save it all until the end. I know that is easier said than done because it is not always easy to stick to deadlines when there is not a teacher or a grade involved, but it has definitely
    helped me move in the right direction and procrastinate less than usual!

    I think it is great that you were inspired by a speech you saw on Facebook, and I agree that conveying your poem in a powerful voice will be most effective. I’m interested to know if you are planning on recording yourself saying your poem or if you are just planning to post a written version of it on your site. Have you thought about this yet? Looking forward to learning more about your project and seeing it all come together!

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