So you want to be Facebook famous?

Writing a Facebook post is easy right? I mean, the majority of us do it on a daily basis. Just type what you’re thinking, maybe add a photo, and then post. Wrong. While social media posts seem trivial and effortless, there is actually a science to creating a post that is captivating and attractive, yet simple and concise at the same time. Here’s how:


Social media is a way to almost instantly connect with hundreds of people all at once, thus, the first mistake that people make in creating their Facebook posts is assuming that it should be quick. While the perfect Facebook post should be short (no more than 40 characters if it’s possible), they are not meant to be impromptu although they may appear so. The best way to achieve this is to include links to places where your followers can get more info.


But how does such a short piece reach so many people?


The key is this.

Posting it at peak hours and making the post multimodal (a picture, a video, a hyperlink) so that to entice the reader, making them wonder more about the subject, but not loosing your creditability. You see, what makes some one insta-famous or Facebook-famous (if we’re judging by their number of followers) is not the quality of their post (unfortunately), but instead the number of people who view and respond to it. The average Facebook post only reaches about 12% of your friends list so attractiveness is amongst one of the most important parts as you want your followers to respond and ultimately share!


When writing a Facebook just remember “REST” and you’ll be set:

  1. Response Necessary (you want your readers to feel the need to respond)
  2. Engaging
  3. Straight forward
  4. Timed Perfectly

If you’re still a little shaky watch this video & I’m sure you’ll get it down in no time!

So I’m going to give it a try… let’s see if I become Facebook famous using my own advice. The plan is to use my original piece which was a personal statement discussing how I define myself, my plans for my future, and how I define success in order to create a Facebook post which summarizes my vision of struggles and how one’s struggles are also the starting point for their success. I hope that my Facebook post will attract my Facebook followers and serve as a way to empower them to look past their struggles and discover how they can transform these challenges into their own version of success.

I hope that by making this post on Facebook, a social media outlet which is often used for people to express the emotions in a “safe” virtual space, this post will reach those who need it the most, making this an appropriate place to join this conversation.

2 thoughts to “So you want to be Facebook famous?”

  1. Hi Syndi! I really enjoyed this post, as my original piece that I am experimenting on happens to be a Facebook post. I liked how you brought together different elements of what makes a Facebook post really great and captivating for an audience. I think it will be interesting to see how you take your original piece and condense it to a Facebook post. It will be important to only highlight the important details, as you said. I am excited to see what you put together!

  2. Hey Syndi! I really enjoyed your detailed breakdown of what it takes to make a successful Facebook post. It’s super helpful that you brought in the Youtube video as well for further clarity. I look forward to seeing how you frame your personal narrative into a Facebook post that will cater to the greater audience called in by social media, and written in such a way that is shorter, and casually relatable to readers. Best of luck!

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