THIS WEEK’S ISSUE: Ad Evolution in the Making

As we move into week six of the semester, my capstone project is in the works, but with so much leftto be done. After project pitches and project proposals, I have settled on formatting my project based off of the design of the website Ad Week, a site I spend far too much time on. Though the content of my site will be entirely different than that of Ad Week, the blog style format with a navigation menu both at the top and right side of the site will organize the points of my capstone project in a clear, cohesive way.

Originally, when I proposed the idea of researching the evolution of advertising, I had planned to organize my site into four distinct pages: “History,” “Departments,” “Evolution” and “About.” After sitting down with my professor to discuss the aspects of my project, we came across the conclusion that the “History” and “Evolution” of advertising pages would become too similar in research and that the “Departments” of an advertising agency page would become a separate project in itself. After some thought, I have decided to remove the “Departments” and “Evolution” pages and go with a different approach.

Though I still plan to keep the “History” and “About” pages for context, upon entering my site, readers will be directed to a series of advertisements (in the blog format) on the landing page. If they click to “read more,” the advertisement will open, explaining specifically how that particular advertisement has progressed in its advertisements over the years. This, for example, could feature a Coca-Cola print advertisement from 1917 and a Coca-Cola digital advertisement from 2017 and explain how it has changed over the years, both in terms of creation and format.

Though these ideas are still very much so up in the air, this should allow me to fully engage with the pages of my site, making it more interactive for my readers by avoiding repetition and overwhelming content.

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  1. Allyson—
    I am so glad to hear that you had a breakthrough on determining the layout of your project. I know how difficult deciding how to structure the components of your topic can be, as I had a very similar experience. My project similarly incorporates an overwhelming amount of ideas, and sitting down with T to discuss what made most sense for the organization of my site really helped me feel like I took a big step in the right direction.

    As I also interned at an advertising agency this past summer, I completely understand that there is a lot that goes into this process. However, I believe that the topics you decided to focus on for your site will be the most beneficial to audience members who are uneducated on advertising in our present world. The idea to include a series of advertisements with a “read more” feature will make your site not just an informative space, but rather an engaging learning experience. I can already visualize it and am eager to see how it turns out! I know you mentioned that you won’t be including a section on evolution and departments anymore, but I am interested to know if you are planning on incorporating any ideas from either of these categories? I am also interested to know how you are planning to incorporate your own experience into this site since your background in the advertising agency is what makes this topic so relevant!

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