Tracking a Venue: The Hairpin

Tracking my first author, Anna Jury, left me at somewhat of a dead end. She hadn’t written for many media outlets and the ones that she had written for previously, ended up being tabloids. None of which really stood out to me as good writing. Instead I followed a writer who we had previously read work from; Jia Tolentino. I continually saw her work online and in the New Yorker (I’m in a magazines class so I read the New Yorker in class a lot). Therefore I decided to follow her to a new venue. This lead me to The Hairpin, an outlet she had written in before. The first few articles that I read weren’t my favorite. The style of writing was overly enthusiastic (it included a substantial amount of bolded and italicized words, quips and jokes made in parentheses, and an excessive amount of exclamation points and question marks). However, not all of the articles I read were bad. The outlet is targeted towards women, and while they didn’t identify as a feminist organization, a lot of the articles were sarcastic and hit at things a feminist website might. One article I enjoyed was called “You’re Asking For It: A Short, Situational Guide”, a snappy, sarcastic list of normal things that women do, that are taken as them “asking for it”. It was written by Amanda Mancino, who I then decided I’m going to track from The Hairpin.

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