Tracking a venue: The New Yorker

Over the past couple of weeks, I have been reading The New Yorker, and have come across several interesting cultural articles relevant to recent current happenings in our society. Given the recent social media awareness about sexual and physical harassment with the hashtags #MeToo, I found an interesting piece by Alexandra Schwartz. This piece argues the main idea behind such posts to not only allow women to share their horrific instances but also highlight the fact that the “perpetrator” or the “doer of the act” remains within the loop of shared technological network connections, which doesn’t seem to rectify the issue altogether. From this, this piece also discusses how men have started other hashtags such as #IHave to commit to their mistake, or #IWill  to protect women in the future from such instances, that have conveyed how difficult can public expression of guilt actions be. Overall, this piece reminds us that such hashtags and posts are merely expressions on social media that will take a long time to be realized in real life.

Apoorvee Singhal

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