Tracking A Writer: Francine Prose

I have previously looked into Prose’s publication history, but this time I wanted to look at one article of hers and nitpick it for style and structure. Prose is mostly writes full-length novels, but it was not difficult to find more manageable articles. She has numerous published in the New York Times. A title that struck my interest was “New York City From a Pint-Size Perspective.”¬†As a hyperactive trip-planner (I have itineraries for trips that I have no plans on actually going on), I was intrigued. Prose writes of her experience pretending to be a tourist with her granddaughter New York City, though she and her granddaughter lived in New York their entire lives.

Interestingly, since I followed her work and have an understanding as to Prose’s general topics that she writes about, I was surprised to see this article. Most of her work that I have read and seen was historiographical work on Judaism and creative short stories. This piece, which would not be out of place in a New York City guide book, seemed completely out of left field. Nonetheless, Prose did a masterful job of establishing authority on the subject, walking the readers through her day, including honest comments, and adding in her personal thoughts as a New Yorker. Overall, it was interesting to read this article, as I came in with a relatively fleshed-out idea of Prose’s writing and her favored topics, and this article turned those ideas completely on their heads.

Meghan Brody

Meghan Brody. B.A. History & Writing. LSA Senior. Aspiring librarian.

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