Tracking a Writer: Joyce Johnson

In her book called What Lisa Knew: The Truths and Lies of the Steinberg Case, Johnson picks apart one of the most famous murder cases of the 1980s. Two parents were arrested on child abuse charges after the death of their 6-year-old daughter and the mistreatment of their infant son. The mother was not prosecuted after discovering that she had been abused as well. In this book, Johnson tries the mother alongside the father and finds them both guilty of murder. Johnson eagerly condemns both of the parents, and blames a society full of lawyers, doctors, journalists, and feminists who did not bring justice to Lisa Steinberg. Overall, she condemns people who do not care about children or their rights. The book has more to do with speculation than separating truths and lies, but the injustice of the case and her anger toward it is made very clear. This is one of Johnson’s earlier books that further establishes her as a writer.

What Lisa Knew: The Truths and Lies of the Steinberg Case by Joyce Johnson was published in 1990 by Putnam Adult.

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