Tracking an Author: Anna Jury

I initially chose to read British Country Living as the periodical from Literati, and from there I picked Anna Jury as a writer who I was interested in tracking. I found that she has written only for British Country Living and The Sunday Mirror, so I went to The Sunday Mirror website in order to read it. Their catch phrase or advertising slogan is “The Intelligent Tabloid” and it lived up to it. The Mirror is definitely laid out and written like a tabloid, although I’m not sure if “intelligent” is fitting or not. After reading through articles for a while, I decided I really didn’t enjoy it. A lot of the articles were very short and suffered from a classic type of news reporting that doesn’t look at the bigger picture. The most obvious thing that I noticed, and didn’t like, however, was that many of the articles focused on things that are very graphic and included very graphic pictures. I think of myself as someone who reads a lot of news, but I hadn’t yet come across news articles that contained such graphic texts and images (with no warnings about the upcoming content). I thought that maybe this is the type of thing that separates the more censored US news from the less regulated UK news. Either way, I think I would take the less graphic US news over it; I personally didn’t enjoy reading The Sunday Mirror at all and I don’t think that it is a medium that I will ever return to.

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