Tracking an Author

When assigned with the task of tracking an author, I chose to follow the publications of David Brooks. Brooks is one of the main contributors to the Op-Ed column for the New York Times. The first article I ever read written by Brooks was titled, “When the World Is Led by a Child.” It felt as though someone had taken my thoughts and written them down within one article. His words encapsulated my very fears and concerns, providing me with a sense of comfort knowing that someone out there felt exactly the same way. But as I continued tracking and following more of Brooks’ publications, I found that there was a common theme. He is able to present the harsh realities of today’s political world while simultaneously comforting readers in the faith of humanity. He identifies the problems we are all facing and makes you feel like you are not alone in this battle. And he does not simply stand idly by and complain about the world we live in. He provides hands on solutions–offers real world answers to how to get involved and make a difference. I found his articles not only informative, but particularly soothing and calming.

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