Trust or Distrust?

trustworthy, but not authoritative:

I believe the content of this article due to my own research I have done on foods, however, I don’t feel the author of the article has very much authority on this topic.

respect authority, but do not trust:

When this article was released, I respected the authority of the doctors, however, I did not trust their claims.

One thought to “Trust or Distrust?”

  1. Hi Serena, I really liked the article that you posted from Cosmopolitan which makes you believe the article but doesn’t give you a sense of authority from the author’s perspective since the author seems to simply report data analysis and opinions of different professionals in the food industry. I too agree with you in the sense that the article is trustworthy since it comes from nutritionists. As for the authority, the author doesn’t have much authority about the content that is being reported in terms of facts and nutritional value.

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