Trustworthy vs. Authoritative

In determining whether I find a piece trustworthy but not authoritative or authoritative but not trustworthy, I place a lot of weight on the credibility of the source. There is a piece in the New Yorker that I find trustworthy because of where is has been published, but the author’s voice and the content do not resonate with me. The writing is satirical and candid (it discusses social media presence and influence) which may be leading my to be skeptical about the authority of the author, Danielle Gibson. The topic makes me skeptical. On the other hand, there is an article in the Odyssey that tackles an important and legitimate topic: the presence of the Opioid Crisis in Washington. While the information is substantive and data-based, the platform is not trustworthy and thus undermines my opinion of the author and the work. Because of the other works I have read in the Odyssey that have been deceiving or lacking evidence, it is hard to not read this work with those memories in mind. The article is well-written and uses references, it but is hard for me to assign true authority to it.

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