Building a Website

When it came to building my website, I had predetermined that I would use Wix to host my content (I didn’t even consider, until after, that I could have chosen from a number of sites). The main, and really only, reason why I chose to use this site was because I had seen a number of well thought out and visually appealing capstone projects completed on Wix. Even though I went into the site with the thought that this was the only one I could use, I really enjoyed it’s easy to use interface. I chose to use a blank template, which I simultaneously regret and applaud. Creating a website is difficult, and as I found out, especially difficult to do from scratch; I have many drafts for what the best layout for my content would be. At the same time, I am happy I chose this direction because it allowed me to have a lot of freedom and creativity in the way I shaped my web pages. In the end, they may not be as beautifully and seamlessly laid out as a lot of the templates that Wix gives you, but my site will allow my content to flow in the exact way I want it to, without having to cram anything into predetermined boxes.

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