Characterizing tones

My experiments so far have talked about one basic element i.e. flowers influencing feelings and emotions of love and romance amongst different individuals. I used one element to lead towards talking about an overarching idea of love and romance in relationships and then led to their symbolism and meanings in traditional Hindu weddings.

My first experiment was a personal narrative where I discussed my personal connections with the element ‘flowers.’ I talked about my personal relationship and explored how different people might perceive flowers differently when they talked about it. The tone was a personal, neutral voice, coming out as a 20-year-old sharing her personal opinions and outlook to the world. I wanted to be informational as well, in the sense that I am informing people of my views, and opinions.

My second experiment was of a different genre but continued building off the first experiment. This was a conversational interview with one of my friends who is from an entirely different culture and grew up with different philosophies. This tone was more informal and casual since I presented this experiment as a conversational transcript with dialogues exchanged between me and my friend. It was also respectful since I did not want to offend my friend in any manner or sound intrusive.

For my third experiment, I am planning to twist ideas from the two experiments thus far. I am starting out with an overarching idea of love and romance and then talking about the materialistic and non-materialistic aspects of flowers and digital messages respectively in influencing and building love and romance in relationships. The tone of this experiment would be primarily informational and informal since I do plan to incorporate a video/audio recording. Else, it would be more personalized (as in my personal opinion) that could bring some biases to the readers. I want to then close with a general overview of how these elements can play a specific role in Hindu weddings and shape longevity of relationships.

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