Donut Dilemmas

I can’t believe we’re already decently into November. I was bored earlier and calculated that exactly one month from today is my final Concert Band concert and ACC 471 exam. Freaky.

This whole “Oh My God The End Of The Semester Is Near” stress-mess was triggered by the fact that my most fun, interactive part of my capstone project had to be pushed back a week. Long story short, I had family duties that outweighed my plan of posting up in the music school lounge, brandishing a big-ass box of Washtenaw Dairy donuts with a sign: “I’ll give you a donut if you tell me about the time you almost quit your instrument.”

I’d planned for two of these donut days, spaced about two weeks apart. The first day (a sort of pilot, if you will) is being transplanted from November 10th to November 16th…yikes. Which means that all the work that would’ve been done based on the interviews conducted on the 10th will begin almost a week late.

This creates two issues:

  2. What should I do instead of the donut-interviews between the 10th and the 16th? Obviously, I’m not about to make that entire week a write-off–it’s simply too late in the semester to think that’s even kind of a good idea. Instead, I think I’ll polish up the interviews with my horn professors that week, which actually creates a silver lining, now that I think of it: by polishing up their interviews earlier, I could think of even more important questions that would make the interviews even better–and I’d have more time to set up meetings with them.

Crisis averted…I guess?

One of my classmates suggested that I advertise the two donut days together, which I didn’t actually think about when they were both at their original dates. I think doing this would, as T said, create a frenzy around the interviews. Maybe people would want to be interviewed twice, or someone who went on the first day would tell their friends about the second day. Word of mouth, powered by donuts.

All in all, I guess I’m not too worried. On my last post, I said how I basically needed a good boot on the butt to get myself in gear. I’ve since created the website and have begun plugging the content in.

Who knows.

Maybe there’s hope yet.

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