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For the past several weeks, there have been several sexual harassment cases and the one involving Harvey Weinstein has shook not only the entertainment and media industries, but also brings Silicon Valley and Wall Street being questioned about the vast majority of such issues. Following from my last blog post, I decided to follow Sheelah Kolhatkar, and saw her article titled “What Hollywood Could Learn from Wall Street’s Sexual-Harassment Reckoning,” which highlights Wall Street’s history and how over the years, things have not really improved as most people would imagine so. I really liked the organization of her article since she seems to always start with one specific person’s experiences that links it with the main purpose of her article. She also likes bringing in several other references and perspectives which enhances her credibility and trustworthiness. From the content point of view, I was still amazed to see how women historically have been harassed in the competitive world at Wall Street, and how Human Resources till date continues to shun such cases away since it doesn’t fit their “company policies.” Through her choice of brief vocabulary, she effectively conveys clear messages of the “dominoes” effect of sexual harassment – unequal pay, suppressed environment, and private arbitration. Lastly, I find her one-two sentences confusion powerfully moving and effective, since she always leaves her readers with an important thought for the future.


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