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I came across this most recent article in the November 20th issue of the New Yorker titled, “The Tech Industry’s Gender Discrimination Problem,” by Sheelah Kolhatkar. While this article is super lengthy, it strongly speaks to my personal interests and course of study. Being a business student, I have had two of my classes strongly discuss sexual harassment from both an organizational and a legal standpoint. Further, the most recent news scandals have furthered the urgency to discuss these issues. I really liked this article as she strongly brings in different perspectives from women who may have been victims or close to victims of such unethical and inhumane instances. She brings in stories of employees at Tesla, Uber, Google, McKinsey and the many other large tech corporations where such issues have such growing prevalence. She also touches on the history of sexual harassment which is helpful in providing context to readers. Content wise, I really liked the different company cultures that she highlights in this piece and from a writing perspective, I really liked the organization of her piece. She starts out with a story, moves into historical data, and touches on the recent instances since 2014 to present. This “timeline” approach is very helpful in user readability and retention. Overall, she keeps her readers engaged throughout her pieces due to her comparisons and contrasts between the past and the present.

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