Following an Author: Sophie Gilbert

I recently read Sophie Gilbert’s most recent article in the Atlantic about Showtime’s documentary series Active Shooter. I was shocked to read the facts about the shows premier and the events that took place after. I really admired the claims she made about the show and its relation to current events in society. She illustrates the argument about how the show “glamorizes gun violence while refusing to engage with the reality of it”. She adds “For one thing, stories are integral to how humans process real-life events, particularly tragedies. They encourage empathy for victims, and they attempt to convey some extent of the horror.” This article gave me a new perspective on gun violence in film and tv industry. She made very educated claims, something that I struggle with in my own writing. In the columns I write for the Daily, I have a hard time making claims that might spark controversy. She supported her claim in a very fluid and articulate way that educated others rather than giving her audience a reason to oppose. Her writing illustrated an argument that sparked conversation in the mind of her audience, a productive way to put current media in context with today’s political issues.

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