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On Monday, Sheelah Kolhatkar wrote an article titled “Profiting from Puerto Rico’s Pain “ in which she wrote about the affect of Hurricane Maria on Puerto Rico’s financial state. The piece explained Puerto Rico’s situation before the hurricane: the island was borrowing more money than it could pay back. And while that was happening, people on the island experienced increasingly worsening living conditions. This is because the investors were hounding the island to repay their loans with unreasonable interest rates, robbing the territory of funds it could have used for the wellbeing of its residents. However, the destruction left by Hurricane Maria made it clear that the island couldn’t repay what it borrowed, and many of the firms backed off. However, now, law and consulting firms are sapping resources from the territory’s government as they claim to be helping Puerto Rico’s recovery. However, in Kolhatkar view, this is just another instance of Puerto Rico being ripped off by wealthy firms.

Honestly, I was surprised by the piece given that Sheelah usually writes about technology. Although her biography did mention that she occasionally writes about Wall Street, most of her content seemed to talk about Silicon Valley (or the impact of the technology coming from these companies). Although I still found the piece interesting, I could see how someone less interested in policy (and more interested in technology) would be turned-off by the shift in subject matter. Additionally, I feel like the piece could have been more informative — most of the background was gone over in such little detail that it came across as confusing. Other than that, I enjoyed the piece. I just wasn’t used to a piece of this topic being written by this author.

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