How to Handle(r) an Interview

So… how do you write a Chelsea-Handler-Style interview? Great question. While I’d love to call up Chelsea herself and ask, I don’t think she has time for my bullsh*t between her hobbies of liberal rallying and drinking.

Never watched Chelsea Handler? Well you should. She’s sassy, she’s hilarious, she’s blunt, and quite frankly she’s a little scary (I would definitely be nervous to be around her). Not only does she radiate confidence, but she also exudes intelligence. She is informed on important issues that are often brushed under the table. She’s a diehard Democrat, and she harshly challenge those who lean left. On her Netflix show, Chelsea, Handler discusses several pressing issues in a tone that is simultaneously comedic and serious. One issue that Chelsea is extremely adamant about is feminism, and she is a known figure for supporting equal rights. She often brings other supporters on the show such as Gloria Steinem to promote the empowerment of women.

Although it seems almost improbably that individuals out there don’t believe that women and men deserve equal rights – those monsters exist (cough cough Tomi Lahren). I’m sure Chelsea would have quite the mouthful for them. For this experiment, I would like to construct a series of interview questions that Chelsea might ask one of these individuals. I cannot fathom how they would reasonably respond, so for the purpose of experiment three I am simply writing the questions, and possible follow up remarks. I think this (made up) genre would be an interesting way to enter the current conversation of feminism. Cameron and I were discussing how talk show hosts are now more important than ever. As we saw in class, when these hosts discuss important matters, people listen and respond in positive ways.

While I did make up my own genre, there are already some conventions for writing interview questions in general:

  • Do research on the person. Don’t show up blindsided because that’s just embarrassing for both individuals.
  • Do research on the subject. If you are discussing hegemonic masculinity, women’s rights, and feminism, you better know every angle. You should know prominent figures, current events, etc.
  • Know the answers to your own questions.
  • Know your stance on the subject.
  • Start with a light hearted question to get the ball rolling and ease the interviewee into the conversation.
  • Thank them for their time.

To add my sassy Chelsea twist, here are some Handler conventions:

  • Don’t wait for the interviewee to finish their train of thought.
  • Don’t go easy on them – sass is a must.
  • Speak your mind.
  • Continue the questions as a flow. The interview should sound more like a conversation and less like an interview.
  • Delve into the deep questions… I know this disregards the previous point of easing the interviewee in, but Chelsea doesn’t go easy on anyone.
  • Stay true to your opinions – she always does!

Chelsea Handler makes her own rules as she goes. While she has much more authority than I, in this upcoming experiment I will do my best to channel my inner diva in order to spark an important conversation about feminism with an anti-feminist. Watch out – things will get heated.


*PSA: I do not know why these gifs aren’t cooperating properly. I am not a tech wiz. I apologize for any inconvenience.

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