LATEST NEWS: It’s All Coming Together

Now, over halfway through the semester, I can confidently say that my capstone project is comingtogether and I could not be happier about it. With my production plan always at the back of my mind, I have somehow managed to surpass the timeline I had estimated for producing the content for my website. As of today, I have completed what I expect to be the final blog post on advertising campaigns, as well as the formatting and layout of my site. Once I got moving on the first post, the others came naturally. Thankfully, I am researching a topic I am so passionate about that I never grew tired of the content I was reading, even if that meant spending a whole Sunday researching advertising from different brands.

Looking forward, there are three main components I still plan to add to my site, all of which will be found under the “About” tab located at the top of the page. The components are as follows: “About the Site,” “About the Author,” and “About a Professional.” The content for “About the Site” and “About the Author” will come from my introductory essay, once it is written. Here, I plan to detail how my project came to be and how my interest in advertising was initially sparked. This will give the site context, as well as credibility, as I do have experience in the industry. The “About a Profession” content will most likely be formatted as a question and answer sort of layout, as I plan to conduct an interview with my mentor when we meet. As a professor, Head of Social Engagement at an agency, TEDx Speaker and Cannes Lions Speaker, I expect my mentor’s experience with advertising and engagement to be extremely beneficial for aspects of this project.

Overall, my capstone project is headed in a positive direction. Once I receive feedback from my class during class workshop, and make any edits to my already existing content I think I will be in a very good place. I am looking forward to finishing out this semester strong and having a digital project to show for it.

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  1. Ally,
    First of all, I wanted to say how blown away I was by your project so far when I got a chance to check it out on Monday. It seems so well thought out, well organized, and attractive all at the same time. Based on your pitch proposals and talking about your project in class, I think you’re really hitting all of the goals that you had intended to as you were going. As for your production plan, I just have to say that I’m amazed at how motivated you have been in really cranking your project out. This has been something that has been challenging for me, to just sit down and get it done, so your work is admirable!

    I know we talked a little about how your sources will tie into the website, so again I’ll say I think it would be cool to maybe have a separate tab with all of them listed, to not take away from the blog posts themselves. As for your about pages, I’m wondering how you’ll format them. Will you include pictures? What kinds of things will you ask your mentor, specifically about his work through the company, or about the profession as a whole? I’ll be curious to read about it either way, I don’t know much about advertising in general so I think your whole project will be a learning experience for me, as it should be! I like the idea of adding the “About the Author,” and “About the Site,” parts to your introduction essay. Kind of like knocking out three birds with one stone, but seems like the most appropriate way to do it!

    Overall, I’m glad to hear you think (and you are!!) in such a great place with your project. I really look forward to delving more into during workshop and onward!


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