Tone of Experiments

The tone of my first two experiments were very different. My first experiment was a personal narrative, so my tone was very personal. I did my best to illustrate a relatable tone so that my audience could relate to what I was saying and what I went through. I think this helped relay my message in a way that my intended audience could relate to.

In my second experiment, I used a more formal tone to relay statistics and facts about anxiety on campus. For this experiment I felt that it was essential to illustrate a tone of authority. I needed my audience to pay attention to my message and know it was credible. I think the importance of tone can make or break your argument, and thinking about what tone to use is essential for any piece of writing.

For my third experiment I plan to combine both authoritative tone with a more casual, relatable tone. I plan to create a photo essay that combines my personal experience with interviews from others, along with resources they used to help with stress and anxiety. I think incorporating this tone will be a challenge, but I am excited to make it happen and get feedback about how I can make it better.

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