Tone of Experiments

My first experiment was a personal narrative exploring my reaction to an essay written by a terminally ill cancer patient. I then described the grief I experienced upon reading that the author had died ten days later. The experiment was written in an informal tone, as I allowed myself to freely express the progression of emotions, without monitoring the structure of the essay. For my second experiment, I looked outwards and identified the subconscious ways in which humans grieve the loss of strangers. The tone of this experiment was more informative and less personal, as I intended to provide a new understanding of a very specific human tendency. The problem with the second experiment was that many of the arguments were solely speculative. I can only guess why one person grieved the loss of one individual, while another person grieved the loss of a different individual. I still tried to provide as many responses and reactions as possible, but doing so successfully would require longer interviews and less short answers.

In preparation for my third experiment, I want to utilize more creative approaches to dealing with grieving the death of strangers. I was considering doing an audio recording of myself, directed towards the individual strangers who have died who have most impacted my life. I would not want to prepare any talking points beforehand, as I would like this to be more of a free-flow of thoughts. I am hesitant to pursue this idea because I worry that there would not be enough to say. This should not discourage me from trying though because the point of an experiment is to go beyond your usual boundaries.

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