Tone of Past Experiments

Both of my experiments so far have been more informal than my usual writing. For the first, this style was mostly the result of my broad approach to the subject I was tackling. If I had tried to be more serious with my thoughts and structures, it would have opened the piece up to some obvious criticism given the intangible nature of the topic. The best way I could make order out of that chaos was to allow my ideas to flow without much careful construction, and that approach lends itself to the informal tone the experiment has overall. Still, I do not interject with my own voice so much and keep my opinion out of the discussion, so it is not as informal as my second experiment. For that, I tightened up the borders of the subject and made a more concise argument, though the subject is still one best taken with a tone similar to the first. This is further softened by the experiment’s shift to an audio medium, as I believe that the sound of a voice – when performed as I would perform in this instance – has a more fluid and informal feel than words in a text, which are stagnant and usually interpreted by default as stern.

Taking this into consideration, I feel that I should attempt to have a different tone for my next experiment, for the sake of experimentation, if nothing else. I was thinking of going forward with a more creative approach. The subject of my past experiments having been essentially about discussion fiction, I figure why not make fiction of my own that reflects the ideas I’ve been playing around with. Since my topic is about characters who garner audience empathy despite their bad morals, I think the tone of this piece would likely be darker and more serious than my past experiments. Taking the darker ideas of the first experiments and removing them from the abstract will no doubt have this effect, and I think it will make for a good change from what I have done already, allowing me to keep the inquisitive nature of the subject while adding a more confident, formal tone.

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