My first experiment included a sample interview with a professor of mine, and the questions were designed to answer a question I had explored in a close reading essay. The tone of that was investigative. The questions were written with the assumption that my subjects identified as feminists, because that was who I needed to ask, but they are still objective in that I did not want to give away the answer I was looking for.

My second experiment involved research of artists whose work was used in protests for different social justice movements. I displayed the information about the artist, the piece, and the movement along with a picture of the piece I had researched. The tone is meant to be inspiring and reminiscent of the energy of these activists.

For my third experiment, I decided I needed to do something more personal. I am working on a personal essay about what it is I want to say, and how I would use art to say it, if I ever decided to use that as my medium. The tone of this is meant to be animated and impassioned. I want to stress that I feel very strongly about this statement, and I really want to make something to represent it, but for now I’ll just write about what that would look like, and how it would feel to show people.

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