Tracking An Author

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To be completely honest, I’ve gotten a little bored of Tom Chatfield, so I decided to see if there were any authors on BBC Future, which has published some of Chatfield’s work, that would lead me somewhere interesting. I soon came across an article titled “The Female Code Breakers Who Were Left Out of History Books,” which caught my attention immediately. The article discussed the accomplishments of specific female codebreakers from the first and second world wars, but I was unfortunately ignorant of their existence. Some of the names were familiar, such as Ada Lovelace, but there were others that I had never come across, such as Elizebeth Smith, who helped catch some of Al Capone’s gang after WWI was over. Smith also helped catch Nazis trying to infiltrate the US via South America, the credit for which was taken by a man named Edgar J Hoover and the FBI.

Because I found this article so fascinating, I decided to look up the author, Chris Baraniuk. His website introduces him as a “freelance science & technology journalist,” and he has been published by outlets such as BBCThe Economist, and New Scientist. For next week, I will probably click around some of his articles and see if anything draws my attention in.


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