Tracking an Author

Maggie Haberman consistently produces honest, direct reporting for the New York Times. Haberman has been providing coverage on Trump’s presidency from the very start, prior to the election. Her writing depicts a more nuanced view of today’s political age. Instead of evoking fear and concern in her readers, she provides coverage that is somewhat calming. At many points in her career, Maggie has interviewed trump and relayed the content of their conversations in her articles. Look to her article, “In Call With Times Reporter, Trump Projects Air of Calm Over Charges.” She has a relationship with Trump in which he appears more normal and human-like. Instead of reporting her personal opinions, Haberman sticks to the facts. Her unique reporting style┬ámakes staying updated on Trump’s presidency a more enjoyable experience.

Below you will find the link to the White House Correspondent’s New York Times articles:

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