Tracking an Author

Also very overdue for one of these posts…

I have been looking at Margaret Talbot, and on my first post regarding to her work, I read an article talking about the opioid crisis in West Virginia. Since then, she contributed to a photo collection by Philip Montgomery. The collection, called “Faces of an Epidemic” depicts the Opioid crisis in Montgomery County, Ohio. She leads by describing how President Trump was planning to declare the opioid crisis a national emergency. Her text accompanies pictures of the lives of people affected. As readers click across the display, they are introduced to the families of deceased addicts, watch as overdosing people receive care, and listen to the Sheriff’s insight regarding the most common time for an overdose.

Before reading this text/photo/video compilation, I hadn’t seen anything like this–I am even thinking about incorporating this into my final project somehow.  I am so blown away by the power of her words, and how the compilation is structures. I would encourage everyone to check it out!

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