Tracking an Author

As an offshoot of my last post, I am examining the work of photographer Philip Montgomery. One of the first things I looked at was his photo collection in Harper’s Magazine of the day President Trump was elected. The pictures are very interesting, but maybe more amazing was his use of language. He accompanies each photo with simple and potent captions. They are factual; yet, at the same time they attempt to comment on the political climate and sentiments of the election. For example, one photo caption reads, “The view from the crowd as Trump gives his inaugural address. As he started speaking, it began to rain.”

I then looked at his photo slideshow “Inside New York City’s Mosques.” The first picture is a man praying inside a vacant Burger King. An unique aspect of his collections are the continuities between the photos–how not only the content, but the shadowing and emotion are consistent between images as the viewer progresses.

Finally, I read a photo interview of Mr. Montgomery in the Lovely Daze. He describes something that I thought might be useful for my own final project:

“Photograph what you feel & not what you “think” is good. Everything has been photographed especially today where cameras are more or less accessible to everyone. It’s how YOU personally approach a topic and how you successfully convey your true voice as a photographer.”

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