Website Exploration

As someone who is not so technologically savvy, playing around with the Wix website creator is pretty stressful. I am confident that I want my website to be one page with the scrolling down feature. Grief is a complicated topic not just to talk about, but to face altogether. If I were to break my website down into smaller subtopics, it would create a larger sense of distance between the topic at hand and the viewer. Having one page allows the viewer to scroll without feeling the need to take any actions or make any decisions. My only concern with this format is that I want the viewer to be able to reflect on their own thoughts as they read my content. When the website is not broken down into subtopics, the website is at risk of rushing the viewer. I need to find a way to force the reader to slow down as they view my content, while still having the website be formatted in a singular page. If anyone has any suggestions, I would love to hear them!

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