Writer to Writer Experience

As writers we constantly put ourselves out there. Everything we write can be interpreted in so many different ways, and we take that risk knowing that idea. Although I was not able to attend Writer to Writer at Literati last week, I listened to the podcast to hear Dr. Howard Markel’s thoughts.

He highlighted many important points, but one that particularly resonated with me was the importance of reading. With the craziness of college, it is hard to read in our free time. I have been making it a point to read more in my free time. He discussed that reading is important primarily since it constantly keeps you inspired. Being constantly inspired is often the hardest thing when writing. As a writer, I know that there are so many ideas I want to write about, but the ones that I do write about are the ones that have inspired me or ones I hope to inspire others with. Inspiration can strike at any time. So pick up a book, and you never know what could happen next.

Additionally, Markel discussed how to improve your writing by gradually increasing how much you write each day. This is something that I did last summer, and I saw improvements in my writing even though I was only writing for myself through journaling. He highlighted the importance of revising work, but doing so intelligently. Taking breaks is super important as well – do not rush the process!

Overall, I think this was an interesting conversation. Dr. Howard Markel discussed his background in medicine and writing, illustrating how he was able to combine both interests and write medical history books. Even one type of writing is not for you, that does not mean you can’t be writer. Writing is for anyone who is trying simply to tell a story, whether it is their own or not.

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