Am I crazy or a writer?

^me trying to write for eight consecutive hours today.

Today was finessing my capstone project. It was a major overhaul of what I had before. A lot of the time was spent messing with Wix to help create the vision I had for the project in my head.

Subsisting on coffee, more coffee, and then some more coffee, my site and capstone finally feel (more) complete – likely it will never be TOTALLY complete in my mind but so it goes. It took a lot, if I am to be honest. I had to dig through my journals to try and capture the emotions of the experiences I was writing about, and I even called up one of my friends who was heavily involved in one of them and started bombarding her with questions about that particular night. It helped immensely to hear the same experience from a different perspective; it added depth and variation to what might have otherwise been a one-sided account of things. I still need to work on the narrative of my summer internship, but at least the shitty first draft is up.

Though as it is right now, it doesn’t seem to be something I can make a book out of, I would still like to play around with the idea of printing it somehow. I put a lot of work into the site and feel it is the primary mode of consuming the work, but there is something to be said about a physical copy of the work. It could compensate for the “randomize” button that Wix doesn’t have (all a reader would have to do is flip to a random page).

The biggest change (besides for the completeness) is the editing of the “preface.” With suggestions from the class, from T, and from Angie Berkely at Sweetland, I reconstructed the piece – though some basic elements are the same, the main point has been adjusted a bit, and I’m curious to see if it “works” better now. It’s definitely more specific and personal, which may or may not be a good thing. Time will tell I suppose.

Anyway, it’s late, I’m rambling, and I can tell that a caffeine crash is imminent.

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