BREAKING NEWS: Grady officially publishes ePortfolio.

Philadelphia, PA – According to recent reports, Connor Grady has officially published his ePortfolio. While earlier reports claimed that Grady was expected to make his ePortfolio live sometime during the early part of this week, the exact timing was unknown. Housed on a Wix website, Grady’s ePortfolio represents a tremendous accomplishment in his writing career thus far.

Discussing his ePortfolio in an interview, Grady explained that he feels he has grown most as a writer in terms of his knowledge of genre and his ability to analyze his own writing. “Through my process of experimentation this past semester, I think I better understand some of the subtle nuances and distinctions between different genres of writing,” Grady said. “I also have a stronger grasp of how to critically question my writing.”

Grady went on to state that he believes he has added to his revision skills during this past semester. “I was able to improve my already-solid editorial abilities through the three experimental phases. That being said, I hope to continue honing my revisionary techniques as I prepare to take the capstone next year.” Grady concluded the interview by encouraging me to visit his ePortfolio and share it with others.

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